While the new iPhone OS 4.0 is set to bring a lot of great changes to one of the most popular electronic devices ever created, iPhone OS 4.0 – The New Features and Who Will Benefit the Most Articles not all users stand to benefit equally. Nobody should skip the upgrade, but some categories of users will benefit more than others. This is an overly-simplified breakdown of the situation, but it should help iPhone owners understand what they can expect from the upgrade.

What will OS 4.0 bring to the iPhone? First and foremost link alternatif sbobet: multitasking. Apple has finally found the last piece of this puzzle, and their dev team figured out how to let iPod and related devices run more than one app at once, all without killing the battery. A double-click on the Home button will bring up a screen of currently-running apps, and a second click will focus on the target app instantly. Early reports say this new multitasking support is surprisingly efficient – though beware, users will be limited to running 4 apps at once.


Other new features include a few enhancements to the user interface. Users will be able to arrange apps inside folders, change the background behind the icons, and store up to 2,000 icons instead of the current 180.


Business users

This class of iPhone users stands to benefit the most. The new Multitasking will more than quadruple the power of the iPhone, and will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete every-day tasks. Increased security measures, like the ability to encrypt emails, and PIN codes, will certainly benefit enterprises. The new “unified inbox” system in the mail app will also benefit business users, letting them manage multiple email accounts simultaneously.



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